When I, Mari Frank, became a lawyer back in 1985, I already had earned a Master’s in psychology and education which helped me in my career as a secondary teacher and college professor. Yet I had loftier goals to pursue my law degree to fight for truth justice and the American Way– (Just like my hero Superman). I soon realized that instead of fighting, I preferred to empower my clients with positive, effective conflict resolutions skills to settle disputes.

My mission was to become gentle, yet powerful, like a dolphin, instead of cut throat and devious like a shark. After getting my law degree, I took hundreds of hours of training to become a Master mediator to use my legal and psychology expertise to help my clients resolve conflicts quickly, privately, less stressfully, and more economically I developed a process of “solutioneering” so that healing conflict would be more financially and emotionally rewarding than an expensive, time-consuming, embarrassing public court battle.

Aside from avoiding soaring litigation costs, my mediation sessions give disputants confidentiality and privacy. In my private sessions, the public doesn’t read court documents with embarrassing statements or accusations, nor is sensitive information revealed orally or in writing to a jury or the public.

In the past 31 years, I have taught negotiations, mediation, and conflict resolution at Western State College of Law, the University of California, Brandman University and I continue to train and coach corporate leaders, lawyers and my individual clients to use these important leadership and peacemaking skills.

My desire is to help in any way I can to bring greater understanding and peace to our relationships, our communities, and our world through my mediations, books, trainings and my radio show Fighting for Love: Turn Conflict into Collaboration on KUCI 88.9 FM in Irvine. Listen to archived interviews at and ITunes.)

Over the years, I have been so grateful to have helped my wonderful clients to resolve their painful conflicts and develop satisfying agreements.


I utilized Mari Frank’s services as a divorce mediator with my ex-husband. After a long term marriage, there were some complicated issues which Mari walked us through at a fraction of the time and the cost of traditional divorce litigation. Her process also paves the way for amiable co-parenting. I have highly recommended Mari Frank to others as well, and will continue to do so. I am grateful to Mari Frank for helping me (and my family) walk through the difficult divorce process with dignity and respect.
— Moira M., San Clemente, CA


Mediator of mediators. Lawyer of lawyers. This woman was savvy and incredibly effective in getting the results we wanted. She is gracious, principled, and extremely down to earth. The best description I can give is that of a high-powered professional woman with a heart and conscience.
— Richard T. Valencia, CA


We recently completed our divorce and could not have asked for a more fair, competent, and compassionate mediator! Mari, with a lot of patience and kindness, shepherded us through the process with some difficult and rough periods. I really don’t know how our divorce settlement would have gotten accomplished without her persistent guidance and expertise. I always felt that Mari was looking out for both of us and protecting each of our interests
— Aimee B., Irvine, CA


I have known Mari for over twenty years. I have personally witnessed her mediation skills helping me through my own divorce mediation and my sisters divorce mediation. Mari is a Mediation Wizard capable of bringing all parties together to resolve their issues and move forward with their lives saving time and money in the process.
Mari Frank, is an exceptional lawyer with heart, mind and soul. I have recommended her to clients, friends and acquaintances, knowing they would all be treated with the most professional levels of care and guidance.

— John H., Rancho Santa Fe, CA


Last year my ex husband and I wanted to hire a mediator to help us with our divorce.  Mari and her services ended up being the biggest gift during a difficult time.  After having an initial phone consultation with her, I knew that she was the right choice for us.  She was so compassionate and caring, as well as being extremely knowledgeable about maintaining privacy in divorce.  My ex and I decided that she was worth driving an hour and a half away to meet.  If I knew then what I know now, it’s a trip that I would make again and again- even if she were 4 times the distance away.Mari is the most incredible lawyer and mediator.  The ease and comfort that she has with the law and it’s processes are instantly comforting.  As skilled as she is with the technical side of law, she really shines on the emotional side of mediation.  Some lawyers are good at contracts and forms, some are good when it comes down to the art of negotiation; Mari has the unique gift of being the very best in both aspects of the divorce process.  It’s a balance that is hard to walk at times, and yet, she is fluid in how she moves effortlessly between the two sides, head and heart.  Her ability to shift a sentiment, and to provide light in a moment of darkness gave us hope on so many occasions that everything would be okay.  We found that the times in which she reminded us of the bigger picture, and of the strength and power of letting go and moving forward was healing during the process.  And we did, we made it through, just as she promised.  Mari was a fast worker and was very conscientious of the timing of our legal needs.  I truly believe that she saved us tens of thousands of dollars with her attentive legal work and her compassionate heart.  She genuinely roots for both sides and wants the best outcome for everyone.  It is beyond measure the blessing it has been to meet and work with Mari.  She became so much more to me than just an attorney.  She is a friend, a joy, she is one of a kind, and she is truly special.

— EM., Beverly Hills, CA


Mediator of mediators. Lawyer of lawyers. This woman was savvy and incredibly effective in getting the results we wanted. She is gracious, principled, and extremely down to earth. She extended herself on my son’s behalf when she did not have to, taking him and his victimized state under her professional wings. The best  description I can give is that of a high-powered professional woman with a heart and conscience. My family will be eternally grateful to Mari Frank.

— Richard T., Valencia, CA


I am a client of Mari Frank.  Last year provided mediation services to my ex wife and me.  Mari was great, she acted as mediator in a long term divorce proceeding and was able to bring to closure a transaction that was fair, even and satisfying to both parties. Mari brings warmth, experience and wonderful personality to her mediation process. I only wish we could have found her earlier on in the process; it would have save a lot of money, heartbreak and conflict. Mari is true to both sides, a true mediator and now a good friend of both parties involved.  I would recommend Mari’s services to anyone who is in the divorce process. She is a true professional and a wonderful person.

— Jim W., Ormond Beach, FL


Hard-working, dedicated, professional – Mari commits herself to her clients and works endlessly on providing the best possible solution to a less-than-great situation, and at a price that won’t leave you bankrupt like a court battle would. When my ex-wife and I were looking for a divorce, we weren’t thrilled by the idea of mediation; our go-to was litigation. But after speaking to Mari in a free consultation meeting, we decided to give her a try and avoid a “me vs. you” scenario with our 10 year old son, Matthew, in the middle of it all. Mari was able to help us reach a reasonable compromise, within the boundaries of our divorce, so that child custody and expenses and our assets  would be split fairly. Thanks to Mari, my ex-wife and I are on speaking terms again, and that’s something that just wouldn’t have happened with two separate attorneys and a fight to the finish. She respected our situation and treated our case as an opportunity for resolution rather than further conflict. Mari was more than happy to be our guide and show us many things we could do to save money- the more we cooperated with each other, the less it cost us. It’s been a tough time and we’ve had to make several changes in our lifestyles, but we got past it and were able to move on. Both of us are grateful that we didn’t go to court and had a peaceful divorce. Highly recommended, and worth your time/money.

—Brandon T., Laguna Niguel, CA 

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