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During my 35-plus years providing individual, couple, and family counseling, I have helped countless individuals deal with and overcome conflict. Since I am both a therapist and a writer, I frame each individual as the main character in his or her life story. In effect, everyone is the hero or heroine, called to face difficulties, detours, and road blocks. The hero/heroine must recognize their own life script before they can overcome adversity, transform their life, and change their story.

Counseling provides you with a safe, confidential environment for self-exploration. It’s a collaborative process to increase awareness so that outmoded beliefs and habits can be altered. Counseling helps you become aware of the script, so you can change the story. Just like in the movies, when you alter the script, you change the character, and create a story that serves you best.

My personal journey took me through a turbulent childhood. I grew up in a household ravaged by my father’s mental illness, domestic violence, and blaming parents. I have since learned that out of our deepest wounds come our greatest gifts. The amazing gift I received as a young boy was a quest. And that quest was to find my voice and the meaning of home. Life has taught me that Home and inner peace resides in the heart and soul and remains with us wherever we go.

If you would like to see how Individual, Couple, or Family Counseling can help you shift your personal story and find inner peace, please contact me: 949 443-4888 or email

“After we had the sessions with you, our relationship has evolved to another level of intimacy, trust and love that I could only imagine in the past. We are very in tune with each other’s feelings now. It’s a blessing to have your guidance and be in this marriage that is filled with so much happiness, joy and trust. We can’t thank you enough.”
Couple, Irvine, CA

“Thank you so much, Leonard. You are truly so skilled, so gifted and so great at your chosen profession.”
Client, Dana Point, CA

The three steps to healing.

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